Bread, Olive Oil, and Life Lessons: San Leo


I have realized that my favorite place on earth is Residenza San Leo in Figline Valdarno, 1 hour southeast of Florence. Yes, I know, you’ve already heard me gush on and on about this place. I just need to make sure everyone really knows how strongly I feel about the atmosphere (and more importantly, the bread). {Read More…}

What Was I Thinking: Zeb


I just don’t know what I was thinking. I was living in ignorance of brilliant food combinations, trendy environments, and handsome chefs. I had a problem. But not anymore. After being satisfied with my meal from the touristy Italian restaurant “Zaza’s” in Piazza Centrale, I blogged quite highly of the establishment. I did this because {Read More…}

Sicily: The Quest for Cannoli


Stop number one on our cruise led us to the beautiful island of Sicily, just a few skips off the coast of Italy. Sicily is still considered part of Italy, but boasts completely different foods, different customs, and basically a different version of Italian. And if you ask Sicilians if they are Italian, do you know what {Read More…}

Royally Cruising the Mediterranean


Lauren: “Jess, I know what we should do for Fall break.” Jessica: “Oh, no. What did you find?” Lauren: “Cruise to the Mediterrnaean, and yes, we DO go to Sicily, so you can get your cannolis.” Jessica: “I’m in.” And that is exactly how it happened. We made the decision several hours after seeing the {Read More…}

Trattoria Zaza


I was recommended that I take a visit to Trattoria Zaza located right next to the San Lorenzo market in the center of Florence. I was told that their pasta was decadent, the prices were great, and  the experience would cultivate lovely food memories. I made sure to get reservations, because the place gets hopping. There {Read More…}