T-Ross Spread of Deliciousness (and some the Miss Cupcake news!)


What. A. Crazy. Week. Finals. Eww. I’m done with them forever…I decided. No more. At least until May. I’m done discussing why bottlenecks hold up production in Operations Management. Or, why Bernoilli’s Principle is the reason that airplanes fly in Physics. Or, why entrepreneurs are the creative distracters of the equillibrium in Venture Stategy. Or, {Read More…}

Visit The Miss Cupcake! Christmas Whoopie Pie Sale Preview!


 I had this dream last night, a vivid dream full of puppets, magic shows, cupcakes, and whoopie pies. I dreamed that all of you came to visit me at the 4th Annual Walk On Foundation’s Christmas Extravaganza. You all came to my booth and you all bought lots of goodies! Then I dreamed that I {Read More…}

The Miss Cupcake Goes Public Again: Zebra Cake Debut!


Before I begin, people, please tell me that you know what a Zebra cake is? If you do not, not only do I pity your dear soul, but you have missed out on the best years of your life eating the preserved little package of goodness. Definition? The Ever Coveted Zebra Cake: A delicious yellow cake {Read More…}

Double Stuffed Peanut Butter Oreo Blizzard Cupcakes


Before we begin. Go to that Facebook link on the top right –> See it? Click like. Now. “What’s in it for me,” you might ask? Cupcakes. Free ones. Like The Miss Cupcake page on Facebook by Friday, and that’s exactly what I’ll give you, a chance to win free cupcakes. Can’t locate the large blue box on {Read More…}

Tell Me ‘Bout it, Stud! Grease Pink Lady and T-Bird Cupcakes

Grease Cupcakes Pink Ladies and T-birds

So, first of all…thank you for all of the sweet comments and remarks about the newspaper article. It was splendid fun. Miss Cupcake sure did apprecoate getting some press! I had this fun little project this last weekend. Hannah Swanson, Diva Grease Queen of all this theatrical, decided that Miss Cupcake needed to be a part {Read More…}