Sugar Cookie Stuffed Sprinkle Cupcakes (& JBear’s Bday Mess)


What a week. You know that feeling? That feeling that you get after a ridiculously long day and then the realization that tomorrow you have to do it all over again. Yeah. It’s days like that that make me dream of powered sugar snow, candy necklaces, and trees made out of licorice. It is days {Read More…}

Miss Cupcake Frenzy: Two weeks of treats, sweets, and doctor’s visits

What a whirlwind this past week or two has been. I have made oodles of sweets and treats (the picture above is one of my brain children of these such times) , done so many crazy things, and yet…I have been so rude as to not share my life story with you. Don’t worry, I’m sitting in {Read More…}

Cut it Out! Bachelorette Cupcakes and Dessert Buffet


Cut it out! Miss Cupcake received one of her first sweet buffet orders! Exciting! So exciting that the site has it’s very own Sweet Buffet tab. Do you need something exciting and new for your next party? Why not try a Miss Cupcake sweet buffet? Personalized, tweaked, and tailored to your every need and desire! {Read More…}

Krista & Ben’s Wedding Cupcake Frenzy


Congratulations to the cutest bride ever! Krista Strawser is adorable. I was so thrilled to make her wedding cupcakes for her special day. It all started one spring evening when Krista, her mother, my mother, and I decided that we would meet for dinner to discuss cupcakes. After rearranging the time of meeting several times, {Read More…}

Batter Up! Baseball Cupcakes

I love when my father is in a good mood. (Not that he is EVER not in a good mood) He will walk down the stairs as I’m working on fondant, and make some super sappy comment about my new fondant skills. “Oh Lauren, I’m pretty sure those are my most favorite thing that you {Read More…}