Record Cupcakes and Pinatas

I feel like it’s still finals week…only cupcake version. I’ve been quite busy with weddings, birthdays, graduation parties, and all kinds of cupcake events. I love it! Recently I took part in the WGRC Talent Competition. With the help and support of all of my loved ones (and those who were bribed with baked goods), {Read More…}

Mitterling Wedding and Rapunzel Cupcakes


It seems that this weekends theme has been cupcakes…cupcakes, cupcakes, and more cupcakes. You know, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve washed what seems like thousands of dishes, baked more than three hundred cupcakes, and luckily, delivered them all safe and sound. But it didn’t come without it’s struggles, trials, and tribulations. The {Read More…}

Candy, Cupcakes, and Finals, Oh My!


What a weekend! Running on 20 credits of a heavy duty Susquehanna workload, trying to live up to my bridesmaid duties by helping to plan a bridal shower, and attempting to finish 250 cupcakes for a great charity fashion show for the Walk on Foundation. Miss Cupcake was (and is) BUSY! (Yes, I did just refer {Read More…}

Mint Oreo Truffle Cupcakes


 This, my friends, is the ultimate sinful combination of a low-fat peppermint patty and a gigantic “stick to your hips” chocolate fudge Oreo truffle cupcake. This is the real deal.  You start with making up a nice ol’ batch of chocolate fudge cupcakes. Pretty simple, huh?  Next, using a cookie scoop (which is a new {Read More…}

The Things I Do For My Brother: Car Emblem Cupcakes


Yet again, my kindness for my brother makes me want to be sick. Why can’t I just say no? Why!! Why!!?? Well, at least this time, I can say I have an excuse. See, I ran into my boyfriend’s girlfriend’s car…and I shut my antennae in my trunk. You don’t have to understand…just nod your {Read More…}