Let’s Make Whoopie! Valentine’s Day Whoopie Pie Sale (AND LOGO REVEAL!)

Valentine's Whoopie Pie Sale

This is the moment I have been waiting and hopeing and praying and wishing (la-la-la-la) for since 2009 when The Miss Cupcake first popped up in my head as a decent idea. Ever since, I’ve been waiting on that absolutely perfect designer to come around, put up with my excessive perfectionism and indesiciveness, and create {Read More…}

The Miss Cupcake is a Finalist! It’s up to you now!


Soooooo, yes, it’s true! (Picture compliments of Cakespy) The Miss Cupcake partnered with Jared Smith created several incredible desserts, and two of them were chosen in this fabulous contest to be finalists. Now, the rest is up to my Facebook friend’s likes and comments. I need you ever so badly! The winner will receive an {Read More…}

Introducing The Miss Cupcake Whoopie Pie Bar


So, I’ve been holding out on you. I wanted to save it, hide it in a box, and bury it in a ditch. However, due to the intesity of awesomeness, I couldn’t do it. You will find out sooner or later. This, this is big. Behold: The whoopie pie bar. The answer to all dessert woes, The {Read More…}

T-Ross Spread of Deliciousness (and some the Miss Cupcake news!)


What. A. Crazy. Week. Finals. Eww. I’m done with them forever…I decided. No more. At least until May. I’m done discussing why bottlenecks hold up production in Operations Management. Or, why Bernoilli’s Principle is the reason that airplanes fly in Physics. Or, why entrepreneurs are the creative distracters of the equillibrium in Venture Stategy. Or, {Read More…}

The Miss Cupcake Christmas Whoopie Pie Sale and Extravaganza Success!


Ok, ok, I’ve waited long enough. It’s WHOOPIE PIE SALE TIME! WOO! Shall I tempt you with the flavors…or shall I wait a little longer? I choose the latter…..:) First, we shall take a look at some free The Miss Cupcake publicity. Oh hi my lovely Miss Cupcake Facebook “likers”!  I’m absolutely in love with the {Read More…}