Josh and Morgan: An Elegant Affair

Do you remember that very large check that I received from the KIZ for entering the business plan competition with Let’s Make Whoopie? Well, other than realizing that the check did not work at any local banks and its most functional use was as a sun visor for Jared’s car….it let me to become very good {Read More…}

July Whoopie Pie Sale: Quick, Before I Board!


It’s time, my friends……to announce the most wonderful news (yet slightly depressing) ever! This will officially be the second to last sale before I morph into an Italian pastry chef, use my hands to communicate, and say “pasta fagioli” just because I can. (Apparently, my dear Jared believes that every time there is soup on the menu at {Read More…}

Let’s Make Whoopie Father’s Day Sale


What a better way to show your love to your dad than a big, delicious whoopie pie! Specifically designed with men in mind, these flavors pack big flavor and will have your man begging for more! Father’s Day Whoopie Pie Sale Flavors Old School Original: The classic chocolate fudge shell filled with a creamy vanilla {Read More…}

Let’s Make Whoopie! Memorial Day Whoopie Pie Sale


So you are sitting there at your Memorial Day party…sipping margaritas by the pool that you worked so hard to open. You are tired. You are hungry. The hot dogs and potato salad only goes so far. You need something thats going to blow your mind. AHHHHAH! Whoopie. Pie. Yeah, you remembered to order whoopie pies for your {Read More…}

Let’s Make Whoopie! Post Easter Whoopie Pie Sale


Before I announce the delicious flavors for this whoopie pie sale, I must preface this by making an announcement: This is a guest post by the tasteful, timeless, and stupid (for putting up with me, but smart in things like chemistry) Jared Smith. (I love him!) He will be providing you with the entertaining whoopie {Read More…}